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What is an international recruitment agency?

Recruiting a new member to the team is one of the most tedious tasks known to employers. It consumes a lot of time and energy to get the ideal candidate for your company. The unemployment rate has made companies receive…

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What impact do business leaders have on employee engagement?

There is a lot of talk about the importance of having a leader in the business. But why ? What is the impact of good leadership in the workplace? The leader is generally seen by employees as a figure to…

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What can be the role of HR in employee engagement?

Employee engagement is an important part of any business success today. Faced with this, human resources have an important role, which is to ensure that employees have a good working condition that allows them to stay motivated and engaged. HR…

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How to measure the involvement of it’s employees ?

Knowing the level of employee involvement is beneficial. It allows you to fine-tune the strategy and organization of your business. It helps to solve possible problems. Employee engagement and employee involvement are two inseparable concepts. They must be constantly monitored…

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How to keep in touch with your employees within the frame of teleworking ?

¬†teleworking is an effective solution to keep a business in operation with confinement. When working at home, barrier gestures are respected while continuing production. But in order to improve productivity and continue to satisfy customers, it is essential to stay…

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How to protect its employees from Covid-19 in office ?

Currently, the whole world is facing a health crisis. Indeed, the emergence of covid-19 has changed the world, especially economically and socially. However, companies play a very important role for the economic development of each country. However, to be able…

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