Personalizing Customer Experiences

Personalizing Customer Experiences: The Role of Virtual Number APIs in Business

We are living in an era where personalization isn’t just a luxury—it’s an expectation. Customers now demand experiences that are not only immediate but also tailored to their unique needs and preferences. Companies that fail to deliver on this aspect…

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dropship on Shopify

Run & grow your business : how to dropship on Shopify?

Running and growing a business is challenging if you do not have the money to manufacture products. This is where dropshipping on Shopify comes into play. This is a retail practice where sellers accept orders from customers without having the…

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How does CRM help customer relationships?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Clients are crucial since no business would survive without them. Of course, a corporation’s success is determined by how it handles its client database. Customer connections serve as a link between your company’s offering…

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A/B Test

How long should you run an A/B Test for and how to calculate duration of A/B Test

Many companies center their business operations around their websites and social media in the current digital era. Therefore, their marketing strategies are also centered around their websites. Companies use emails and other tricks to drive traffic to their sites and…

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Marketing and management use case: PIM marketing

In recent years there has been a high interest in Product Information Managers. This has been the case for many companies such as major distributors, global companies, and procurement centres. This digital solution has received massive support from e-commerce to…

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How to create an effective newsletter efficace in terms of marketing?

The newsletter has been an essential communication tool for some time. This is a type of emailing for commercial or only informational purposes. For a business, it can bring many benefits. But how do you go about creating an effective…

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What can the digital marketing agency do for me ?

Digital marketing is considered the whole of all marketing practice related to the use of web media and networks. It brings together a large number of techniques and practices for promoting a brand, product, or business. With the influence and…

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What are the best e-mailing softwares?

Nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs encounter difficulties in running their business. E-mailing is a very important marketing approach within the company, this strategy makes it possible to send emails to several recipients at the same time. As the world of…

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What is the inbound marketing and what is it used for?

Online business requires an effective marketing technique to increase traffic. Inbound marketing is one of the best ways to develop e-commerce. The goal is to attract, interact and retain customers. Here is some information on this type of marketing strategy….

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