Marketing and management use case: PIM marketing


In recent years there has been a high interest in Product Information Managers. This has been the case for many companies such as major distributors, global companies, and procurement centres. This digital solution has received massive support from e-commerce to managers. It has proven to be incredibly beneficial and key players in this industry have been enjoying this software for some time. If you are thinking of implementing it for your business, is your go-to software for PIM solutions. This article explains more about product information management.

What is PIM?

This acronym stands for Product Information Management. This product-oriented software solution efficiently manages information for all products of a company. This solution offers a single source of truth for all the product data that a company has. It is responsible for making it easy to enrich products and ensuring that the images look great on various platforms including mobile, websites, print catalogs, and marketplaces. Managing product information is tedious, repetitive and it requires using of spreadsheets, however, it does all the heavy lifting and makes it easy for you to handle product information.

The importance of this tool for your team

Here are some of the reasons why Product Information Managers are very important.
Boosts customer experience. This is among the reasons why this tool has become an essential tool for marketing. Experts can evaluate the user experience and see how it is fairing to the users. The imminent use of this solution is called for by both professionals and non-professionals, professionals are related to the company image and clients, thus it should satisfy both avenues. This should be done in an optimal, safe, and profitable way to ensure that clients and the company have a better experience.
Controls large data volume. Online companies and e-commerce sites have a high volume of activity and sales. Thus, large amounts of data are processed and controlled which brings about one of the reasons why they should implement it. For small teams, it is impossible and unthinkable to control this data volume and they need a software that will do it for them. Major retail companies, manufacturers, and distributors fall into this category of dealing with large data volumes.
Maximizes your resources. When it comes to organizing and managing product information, marketing experts need to do it reliably. This software is easy to use and integrates data from various sources thus enabling the optimization of resources and time. This has made the use of spreadsheets for data storage to be forgone and improve the quality of data for products.
Organizes analyzes and connects. This solution has revolutionized how marketers work. This solution easily organizes, analyzes, and connects product information and distributes this data from a single source having an added value to your business.
Grow and be more competitive. e-Commerce businesses handle large volumes of data in form of documents, sales channels, and updates which emphasizes the need for this tool if they want to keep on growing. It allows them to grow efficiently and remain competitive in the market which is increasingly becoming competitive as more companies increase their online presence.

What data do you include?

It handles and controls different types of data, these include:
• Marketing information. This data relates to product information, labels and descriptions.
• Technical data. It stores files that involve measurement data, product technical information, technical specifications, or any other data that the components are made of.
• Multimedia elements and files. The elements that are contained in this software include product images, PDF files, and audiovisual content including videos.
• Design-related details. Anything related to the design of your product is stored in this tool, this also entails the colors and materials used to manufacture the products.
• User data. This is data that refers to your customers and the other data that they leave on your site in the comment section.

How to choose the best solution for your business

It is essential to choose a solution that will suit all your demands. Here is what to consider before choosing the right software. First, ensure the system is flexible to accommodate the growth of your business, secondly consider a solution that can support numerous languages. Lastly, make sure that the system integrates with the platforms where you sell your products.
Product information management has great power and this explains why it is increasingly gaining ground and being adopted by all types of businesses.

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