How to keep in touch with your employees within the frame of teleworking ?

 teleworking is an effective solution to keep a business in operation with confinement. When working at home, barrier gestures are respected while continuing production. But in order to improve productivity and continue to satisfy customers, it is essential to stay in touch with employees.

Strengthen commitments towards employees

The Engagement is an important bond between the employer and its employees. Even in teleworking, this bond must be strengthened, which encourages employees to be dedicated in order to achieve the company's goal. The employer must therefore meet the material and technical needs of everyone to allow them to work comfortably at home (provide an office table and chair, a computer and a connection if necessary ...). Opt for task sharing or teamwork, if necessary. The employer must continue to give priority to hired employees, while remaining transparent. He will also have to listen to each employee and be attentive to their requests and complaints, even from a distance. 

Use interconnected communication methods

Communication is an important criterion for maintaining contact with employees, even from a distance. On Messenger for example, it is possible to create an instant discussion group. WhatsApp is also an interesting application and widely used by many companies for telecommuting. Just like a video call on Messenger, the employer can communicate directly with his employees when needed. Moreover, staff can share with each other with these applications. It is also necessary to organize videoconference sessions, with all the staff, at least once a week, for feedback. This moment makes it possible to take stock of the work, analyze the company's situation and jointly find solutions to critical problems.

Organize moments of relaxation with colleagues

With teleworking, it is essential to continue to promote employee well-being. To do this, visualize the moments of sharing and relaxation that there had been locally. Even when working from home, the employer as well as the employees should keep the fees local as much as possible. So you keep up the pace when work resumes normally. During working hours, organize coffee breaks together, around a video conference, even yoga sessions, sports, etc. If you have held training sessions for employees, maintain the program with a focus on distance training.
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