What impact do business leaders have on employee engagement?

There is a lot of talk about the importance of having a leader in the business. But why ? What is the impact of good leadership in the workplace? The leader is generally seen by employees as a figure to follow, a pillar that supports the whole team. A business leader who knows how to motivate his employees demonstrates the technique and skill to explore human behavior in favor of the team, thereby increasing the productivity and profit of his business.

Boss or chef?

 Bosses are known as people who make orders and rules, always believing that people in lower positions than yours are just subordinates. He tends to make decisions on his own, without consulting the team, after all, he's in charge of everything. Bosses usually just want to know the outcome, that's the goal, and they don't want to know how the employees are going to get it. The leader on the other hand is considered the inspiration of the team. Although he enjoys achieving his results very much, the leader is always concerned with understanding the path that will lead to the goal, that is, he thinks about how far he and his team will have to go to achieve victory. together. According to CEOs and employee engagement, the leader focuses on and trusts the development of people and the team.

Business leader: the impacts of good leadership

 Leadership is a way of influencing and managing a group of people, thereby achieving the goals proposed by the organization. In this sense, a good leader is a person who directs and influences the behavior of one or more followers, so he has the power to motivate or discourage his employees, becoming an important role in personnel management. Influence within organizations is crucial to motivate followers. From this perspective, success or failure in companies is the responsibility of their leaders, where dedication and integrity are a key factor in employee engagement.

Company manager: his influences on employee motivation

Motivation comes from the Latin motivus, movere, which indicates movement, in which it points to a process of human behavior where it is stimulated by some type of pattern or reason. People seek to achieve their goals in different needs, where they want to achieve their goals and thus achieve what they want. Motivation is a means by which individuals tend to be influenced by the behavioral factor of those who lead them. The influence of the motivated leader over his subordinates is extremely important in keeping the team motivated, providing impetus in organizational behavior. So, as a CEO, in order to keep your team motivated it is necessary to know what causes the feeling of comfort, the individual desires and the goals where they are the internal sources of the motivation of the people, this knowledge can be perceived. for their different reasons, situations and the time
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