What can be the role of HR in employee engagement?

Employee engagement is an important part of any business success today. Faced with this, human resources have an important role, which is to ensure that employees have a good working condition that allows them to stay motivated and engaged.

HR should take care of employees

Taking care of employees is one of the roles of human resources. It is the basis for an employee to have a party in the company that listens to them, that looks out for their needs, provides stability and confidence. This will then help him to be more motivated in his work. Taking care of employees also means ensuring that they have all the benefits and rights they should acquire, so the HR are also present to ensure that neither the employees nor the company are harmed. 

HR roles in workspaces environment

The role of HR is diversifying a lot, they are also responsible for the good working environment of the employee. A facet that will also have an impact on the latter's commitment. When we talk about the work environment, we can talk about management, how orders are transmitted, how the relations between managers and subordinates work. In this case, the HR will analyze the social climate and make it suitable for all parties. In the work environment, we can also talk about the material conditions, for example, is the employee having a lot of difficulty doing a simple task due to a deficiency in the materials. These things may seem trivial, however, they impact employee motivation and engagement as well.

 support for employees by HR

The role of the HR is also to support employees, whether they are new, through good integration, or whether they are old, by helping them on a daily basis, in the face of changes or according to their requests. Also, employees need to be followed, if only for the evaluation of their skills, human resources in this case, can support them through the granting of training so that they can develop in skills and as that no one. It will also make them feel useful and recognized, which will increase their commitment to society. In this sense, both the employee and the company are winners, as one grows and aspires to a promotion, for example, and the other invests in someone who will be more competent, more motivated and more engaged.
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