How to measure the involvement of it’s employees ?

Knowing the level of employee involvement is beneficial. It allows you to fine-tune the strategy and organization of your business. It helps to solve possible problems. Employee engagement and employee involvement are two inseparable concepts. They must be constantly monitored to act on time and in the event of failure.

Satisfaction surveys, as a basic technique

You can work with your Human Resources department in carrying out this activity. The surveys are quantitative or qualitative, depending on the expected responses. They will make it possible to measure employee engagement. You can ask for overall satisfaction based on the work environment, the division of labor or the salary range. It is important to add a recommendation section in your questionnaires. This will allow you to collect the needs of the employees. It is strongly recommended that you ask each employee if they still want to work for you in the future. You can put all of these forms of questions into one simple, easy-to-answer survey. 

Analyze the employee loss rate

 The employee loss rate is the most reliable indicator after surveys. Here you can count the number of employees who have left the company during the previous months or years. This analysis will allow you to review your organizational strategies vis-à-vis your employees. Employee loss is often seen in a company where no initiative to improve employee engagement has been made. A high rate of perdition means that there is a real problem in your management or in your work environment.

An improvement in your gains after an action on your part

 You've done surveys to measure employee engagement. The results of the investigations will allow you to resolve existing problems as quickly as possible. You can improve working conditions or opt for a good division of labor. The simplest resolution is recognition of employee effort. If your maneuver is correct, you can see an improvement in agent engagement. You will have a more united team, involved and ready to follow you in all your projects. The positive results will come later. Your turnover will gradually increase. This rise will be visible, thanks to employees and collaborators involved in their respective tasks
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