How is the electronic signature beneficial for business?

As dematerialization affects all areas, there is no need to download or print documents. From now on, the electronic signature has legal value. But what are the advantages of the digital signature for businesses? Follow this article to learn more.

A better security

Contrary to popular belief, the electronic signature offers better security compared to a handwritten signature. It includes a digital imprint of the original document, developed by electronic signature software, which makes it unique and tamper-proof. Thus, all changes are easily detectable and invalidate the document. Each digital signature is protected by a tamper-evident seal materialized by a time stamp.  The latter seals the document and applies a universal date. All electronically signed documents have a modification history and optimal security. 

A drastic reduction of coasts

digital signatures significantly reduce costs, as documents are processed faster. No need to download documents, print them and physically sign them and then archive them. All you have to do is submit the document for electronic signature and it is validated. One of the essential steps in the dematerialization of procedures is document traceability. Using digital signature software, controllers can verify the flow of said document and limit human error. The financial risks associated with his mistakes can also be avoided. Not only are the costs limited, there is also a marked improvement in lead times. This saves the document sender precious time, if previously the delay between sending a document and its return was several weeks.

Improved efficiency of trades relations

Nowadays, offering its services online is essential for businesses. Thanks to dematerialization and electronic signature, the contracting stage is optimized. The formalization of commercial agreements with customers or suppliers is instantaneous. They can sign their contracts directly online. No need to send mail and wait for referral. A simple connection is enough. The digital signature thus helps to optimize the customer experience and commercial efficiency. Ultimately, satisfied customers will gain loyalty and be able to recommend the company to their contacts. The electronic signature thus demonstrates that it has its place in the current digital age. It is shaking up habits and helping to control costs and optimize processing time.
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